Here you can see my gallery, an assortment of things I have drawn over the years.

Alien AbductionOh, bummer. Amstrad ComputerAmstrad BalloonBalloon Barry the BuzzardBarry the Buzzard CakeCake KITTEH!Apache Kitteh Christmas 09Christmas '09 CorePortal Core FinlyFinly A future to come?It's gunna be the future soon WITH A GUN?!Gun Welcome home, Zak.Planet Hackhead eh heh hehA suggestion ASJDHFVKHFLADHVADVVNFBVEGA doodle A mammoth. Suprise.A mammoth For Ragedoktor, now 'rugzy' on twitchTwitch background But where from?Transmission received I wish I had one of theseRocket launcher But where to?Little Rocket Ship Steampunk art projectScorpion This shark plunders pirates from below...Shark Thanks to MarkSteve the slow-worm Watch yer eyes!Triffid ...just. WHY.Turtle... thing?