My name is Blayze Millward, and I've been in the digital entertainment industry for 5 years professionally and, as evidently shown by the dates on some of my work, non-professionally for about 7 years. I know and can grasp a variety of programming languages and programs, most notably ActionScript 3, C#, html and Java; as well as being capable in flash, photoshop, After Effects and 3D modeling program Blender and traditional fine art.

I finished secondary education with A* grades in Mathematics, Systems and Control (electronics), Physics, Chemistry, Biology and a distinction (A*) in the GCSE IT DIDA course, as well as B grades in English language and fine art, and an A grade in English literature. I am currently studying Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A-Level.

Past and current work

In 2009 I was asked to produce a series of backgrounds for a forthcoming online virtual world by the name of Zwacko. Unfortunately, due to funding issues, the company never managed to get past beta stages, however at the time I had finished 14 of the commissioned 35 images.

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In June 2010, I created a UI and helped develop an online merit system for Fitzharrys school, a secondary school wanting to virtualise their sticker-based meriting system. I worked in conjunction with Yellow Cube solutions, who handled the database, to create the system, which was used very happily by the school for 2 years, and we are now in discussions regarding a second version, with a more advanced built-in reward system.

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More recently, in May 2012, I was commissioned to work on a small mod project called RAIN, with a team of 6 other people. Two weeks after I joined it was decided that the game should be stand-alone, and ultimately the decision was reached to work in the Unity engine; I was assigned the task of programmer (c#) and general all-round worker. However, after completing roughly 30% of the programming and a model of an enemy, management issues meant that the main project had to be put on hold; instead opting for a smaller flash-based game while the management shifts occurred. I am currently working with William Dula, the head of the RAIN project, and two concept artists to create the flash-based app, and hope to have it completed in the near future.

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During my time working with flash I have built up a vast ActionScript 3 library, allowing me to easily create projects that use boid-based flocking algorithms (based on algorithms by Craig Reynolds), tile-map displays, 3D and 2D chart generators, particle engines, terrain generation, 2.5D view systems, physics engines and many more. I am also currently working on a full 3D engine. This combined with my time working in C#, Java, other assorted languages and media creation packages means I'm well versed in game creation.

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If you have any interest in contacting me, please go to my contact page.